This blog name derives from my resident wire fox terrier (hereafter referred to as a WFT), Pearl. She's three and has lived with us for about 17 months. She's a bit of an odd duck; hence the suggestion that she's on the squirrelly side. She's an absolutely lovely dog and extremely sweet, but her former life on the dog show circuit seems to have left her with some odd behaviors. Still, I love her a lot, enough to name a blog after her.

One of the best things about Pearl is that she loves textiles as much as I do, and that's the other reason I chose her as the blog mascot. Any opportunity to grab a ball of yarn or roll madly in quilt blocks lined up on the floor fills her with glee. She and I understand the urge to wallow in fiber. 

This blog owes special thanks to Jeff for his technical expertise. Thanks, also, to John R., for the blog header photo of Pearl.