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When Moda Fabrics invited me to curate a line of quilting cottons inspired by feed sacks, I was delighted. Like many quilters, I adore the patterns and prints of original feed sacks. But my fondness extends beyond the visual appeal of those cotton bags to an appreciation for the resilience and resourcefulness of the women who used them. The idea of contemporary sewists following in their footsteps, stitching clothing, curtains, and quilts with those same prints, creates a connection that holds deep appeal.

Feed Sacks: Red Rover

On a summer’s evening, sunlight filters through a canopy of oaks and elms as children gather to play games. Red Light-Green Light, Simon Says, and of course, Red Rover. Their calls ring out as the grown-ups gather on the porch, enjoying time to chat after a long day. Most of the women are stitching, the baskets at their sides filled with scraps of the feed sacks they’d sewn into curtains, aprons, and the clothing worn by their spirited children. Now those scraps will become quilts, both fancy and plain, to warm their families and friends.

Feed Sacks: True Blue

Imagine growing your own vegetables and canning them, cleaning and cooking without modern appliances, and sewing clothes for your seven children. Feed Sacks: True Blue pays homage to the women who did all that and still took the time to stitch rickrack on a dishtowel, embroider a sweet bunny on the bodice of a baby’s romper, and use up every last scrap to create a quilt of warmth and beauty.


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