Christmas Eve eve

Although I may be new at blogging, I do realize that ten days between posts is pushing it. I mean, I even had a Pearl the Squirrel follower request a new post (okay, okay, so it was my son-in-law).

But a joyous thing happened: I turned my grades in on Monday and breathed a huge sigh of relief. And though there is still much to do for Christmas, I gave myself permission to sew a bit on my new machine. But more about that later.

Now, here are the hats I mentioned in the previous post. They're all made of yarn handspun and hand-dyed by Abi Hutchison, who sold it every Sat. a.m. at the Farmer's Market. I'll admit that the hats aren't necessarily things of beauty—they're definitely on the clunky side. 

But I had so much fun making them and my bookgroup friends dutifully oohed and aahed. Maybe next year it will be scarves.
Linzeefarmer's market, knitting, yarn