Best in Show

Pearl, Paul, and I watched the terrier group during last night's Westminster dog show. When the wire fox terrier didn't make the final cut, Pearl just lay down on the floor and closed her eyes. (My sister sent a link to a New York Times article about past winners, which said that wire fox terriers were the all-time champs, with 13 wins.)

I had to watch the Scottish terrier take Best in Breed...quite a cute little guy, very self-confident. Rebecca wanted a Scotty when she was little, but I had heard they were feisty with kids, so we went for a Westie. Tillie was a great dog and lived to be 15.

Pearl actually started life as a show dog: her name was Cheviot's Dorretti Swallow (which was a British sports car). There's a photo of her in a 2006 dog show here. She apparently earned her champion ranking (or whatever it's called) and was retired when she was 20 months old, which is when I got her. For some reason, they didn't want to breed her...probably because she is a squirrel. I should have known...I do think much of her squirrely behavior stems from her show-dog lifestyle.
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