Scrap happy

It's been a rough week, and last night, rather than recline on the couch watching my Tivo'd episode of The Closer, I decided I needed to be upright and doing something. I saw this tutorial for wonky log cabin blocks, as well as Jacquie from Tallgrass Prairie Studio's Project Improv post. I'm definitely someone who uses patterns designed by others: they allow me the pleasures of combining fabric, sewing, appreciating construction techniques, etc. I tell myself when I retire I may design my own patterns. But there was something about this that just looked so do-able. Stitch magazine also had instructions for a log cabin pillow, so I took a look at those and started cutting.

I knew I wanted to do something with the Birdie sling scraps, and this was it. As someone who's typically drawn to blues and greens, I'm a little startled by the way pink and green seems to be sucking me in...Pearl checked it out, too (as well as she could given that she can barely see through all her fur).

Feisty-sweet Kyra Sedgewick is great, but there's nothing quite as soothing as foolin' around in my sewing room.
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