Oh, no...I've joined Facebook

I've resisted joining Facebook, despite constant "encouragement" from my younger colleagues. In December, I made it my New Year's resolution to join. While it seemed so much easier to keep than a resolution to lose ten pounds, I still put it off.

Finally, last week I signed on. I admit to being instantly overwhelmed: trying to learn the lingo and figure out a profile and settings, all the people "friending me" almost instantaneously...I felt as though I'd crawled into a strange, nether world that I wanted to escape, despite all the welcoming comments. I was tempted more than once to deactivate my account, but decided to stick it out for a week. And slowly, the allure is starting to sink in and my fears that Facebook is a sucker of time are coming true. My colleagues insist that it will slow down in a week or two and I hope they're right.

For now, I feel like the subject of this pieced pillow cover (a blockhead?), which I found last year at Artifacts, a favorite second-hand shop. I just love the way the hands turn in, and that the maker carefully made each section of a similarly sized square, whether it needed to be or not.
LinzeeQuilt, friends