Diana Rupp makes it

We interrupt this blog for some shameless self-promotion...The new Stitch magazine is out and in it is my profile of Diana Rupp of Make Workshop. Talking with her was a great reminder of the ways many of us have come to sewing: I mentioned in an earlier post my interview with her in which she talked about learning how to sew by following the rules and the epiphany that comes when you figure out you can do something in a different way. I've thought about that conversation repeatedly as I've sewn since then and done my best to embrace (or at least ignore) mistakes.

I feel so terrific about having my work in Stitch. The cover alone is enough to make me happy. The creator of the pillow on that fabulous teal chair is Malka Dubrawsky, who has a colorful and fun-to-read blog, A Stitch in Dye. I love her work—talk about not worrying about following the rules. The woman knows how to put colors together in the most unexpected ways and the results are pure eye-candy. And she's got a great green wall somewhere in her house that's the perfect backdrop for photographing her luscious quilts.

There's a lot more than the cover to make me happy with this issue of Stitch: in particular, there's a bag and an apron pattern I love and articles on Liberty of London and hand-printed fabrics. Check it out (but if your local store is anything like Home Ec, you may have to wait for the next shipment: they've already sold out once)!