Quilt Capades

Our longtime friend, Dianne, shared with me a quilt she had made for her daughter Leah's high school graduation. Leah was an ice skater all through her school years and each year her ice skating group had an elaborate performance. Hundreds (well, more than 100) kids were involved in each annual production and there were lots of numbers, from the adorable little, little tykes group "dances" to the high school seniors, who often performed a dramatic, romantic duet. These productions always involved amazing costumes, created from all sorts of glittery, stretchy, super-bling fabrics and trim. Dianne somehow wound up in charge of costumes and worked with a talented seamstress to get the costumes designed and made.

Leah graduated from high school two years ago and Dianne had a quilt made for her using pieces of fabric and embellishments from her many costumes. The background fabric and backing is silk, so the quilt feels amazing (well, at least the parts that aren't covered with glitter or sequins). Sadly, I don't know the name of the woman who made it, but I though you might enjoy seeing this creation.

Dianne can touch any fabric on the quilt and remember the costume Leah wore. Suffice it to say, Leah is NOT keeping this in her college dorm room: Dianne's got it home for a few more years.
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