You like me, you really like me...

This headline will make sense if you're old enough to remember Sally Field's acceptance speech for her 1985 Oscar...but having more than one person comment to me that they know I've been busy because Pearl the Squirrel hasn't been updated recently makes me think I have actual readers who care...thanks so much!

So here's just a quick post of a future project. I haven't had time to do much sewing, between traveling and writing and having house guests over the 4th (my wonderful daughter and son-in-law visiting from Austin—we had such a relaxing and fun weekend with them).

My daughter admired my Birdie Sling and the one I'd made for her cousin and I quickly volunteered to make her one of her own. We went to Home Ec and picked out these great fabrics (with the help of my younger daughter, as well—she still hasn't asked for one, but I may well break her resolve one of these days).