Happy New Year!

Okay, so the photo is from Christmas, rather than a reflection of the new year. Pearl was smitten with the tree and gifts, but only when we were in the room, so it was easy to prevent any true mayhem. It seemed to have to do with gifts that fit easily in her mouth (although she was quite taken with a wrapped package of lotion—the fragrance seemed to draw her attention, though I'm sure it smelled nothing like the aromas that typically interest her on our walks).

The holidays were grand—family, candy, wine, friends, games, snow, travels, birthday parties, saris, champagne, ginger snaps...I did little writing, no blogging, and just a snippet of photography. So sadly, I can't show you the flannel pajama bottoms that I made for my daughters and son-in-law: one plaid, one polka-dotted, and one Amy Butler's new Love (I ended up with both the Paradise wine and the periwinkle when I cut the wine pair too short for my nearly six-foot daughter...guess I'll just have to make a pair for lil' 'ol me.)

So, that's it for now. I'm working on a fun story about another blogger and she had this Blogging Without Obligation logo attached to her site and so I decided I'd add it to mine...but of course it's not currently working. So check out the link: I like in particular the part that says that you shouldn't feel about your blog like you feel about your treadmill.