The Storque delivers!

Okay, I can't help but brag a bit. Through a series of personal and writing connections, I got asked if I'd do some blogging on quilt-related topics for Etsy. I was thrilled to have the opportunity, particularly because it came with some freedom in terms of topics to write about.

My first post for The Storque is up and I couldn't be happier. The folks at Etsy are terrific to work with and it was an interesting experience to think more visually and locate appropriate photos. (I'm spoiled in that I work with terrific photographers and designers in my day job, who typically prefer that editors deal with the words and let them deal with the images.) I also was once again treated to the generosity of spirit I find in so many quilters...the women I contacted about quotes and photos were so passionate about Modern Quilting and so prompt in getting back to me. The entire experience was a pleasure.

Check it out: Modern Quilter Meet-ups: The Quilting Bee Comes Full Circle
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