Skin applique?

I've not been sewing at all, lately. Lots of freelance projects, plus a few medical issues have kept me from operating at full steam ahead. But I'm sure I'll be up and at 'em again, soon.

In lieu of actually using my sewing machine, I've taken a photo of something that DID require a needle: Molly's tattoo. I'm not a fan of tattoos (just ask my daughters), but when I met Molly four or five years ago I admit that I was drawn to the sewing machine tattooed on her forearm. If someone held me down and told me I HAD to be tattooed or they would take Pearl away, this is the tattoo I'd get. But only if...

Molly tells me that she got it after a break-up with a boyfriend, as a way to remind herself to remember to do the things that were important to her. She's got a very nice beau now (Donny) and a very nice dog (Oliver the beagle) and I'm quite lucky to have them as my neighbors. Molly still sews often, altering vintage clothes to give them a more modern fit. If you want to check out her stuff, visit her Etsy shop. If you're in Iowa City you can also check out Molly's "altered vintage clothing" and handmade skirts at White Rabbit

Anyone else have a sewing related tattoo? I'd love to see it/share it. Send links!
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