If you're traveling east on I-80 in the next couple of days, give wide berth to this Budget van, piloted by two smart and funny young women. My daughter and her roommate are moving to Brooklyn—apartment secured, with a line on some jobs but nothing sure just yet. Please keep them in your thoughts. It's a big van, a long way (1,000.1 miles, exactly) and a big change for these Iowa girls.

Pearl the Squirrel has been a bit quiet of late. Between my daughter moving and a few other significant life changes (the profile under my photo at right provides a hint), things have been unsettled. And there may not be any new posts for the next week, or so. We're also about to head east, albeit in a plane, for the wedding of the son of a dear friend—we've been buddies since we bunked together at camp at the age of 13. The timing worked out perfectly—we'll hang around for a couple of days after the wedding and get to see the girls in their new Brooklyn digs.

Will miss you lots, sweetie. Travel safely.