Okay, so maybe the headline is pushing it a bit. Calling bibs "bibelots" ( defines it as a small object of curiosity, beauty, or rarity) works on the "small" level, maybe not so much on the curiosity or rarity plane. But they can be beautiful, or at least fun and charming. And if the things we make don't add a bit of fun and pleasure to our day-to-day activities, then what the heck are we doing making them?
Sweet baby Sam

My good friend Sara had baby number three just before Christmas and I finally got to see (and hold) him yesterday. A total sweetie who obligingly made all his little baby faces, fussed and stretched, and then went to sleep on my shoulder.

Baby Sam's grandmother is a quilter extraordinaire, and a hand-quilter at that. I knew he was getting a very special quilt from her so my friend Sondra and I decided to sew some other items. Sadly, our schedules were such that we never managed to get together. So I made bibs.

Flannel backing on left and right bibs. (Pearl refused to stay out of the photo)
My favorites are the ones backed with flannel. (I made two like that earlier this fall, but gave them away before I got photos.) I figure flannel is softer when you want to wipe the baby's mouth off with the bib. I realize the rickrack will likely serve as a goo-catcher, but it's just too hard not to add a bit of embellishment. And I did put batting in these. I think the ones I made earlier didn't have batting. Not sure which is preferable. I have a friend who cuts up old towels and puts a layer in her bibs. I used Velcro for the fastener.

Any suggestions or tips on making bibs for babes? What's your favorite method or pattern?
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