Modern Quilting

Awhile back (actually, about a year ago right now) I wrote my first post for Etsy about modern quilting and the Modern Quilting Guild. I had the good fortune to chat via email with guild founders Alissa Haight Carlson and Latifah Saafir. Just tonight as I was cruising about online, one thing led to another and I came upon Alissa's blog and a post about a Modern Quilting Guild challenge with Robert Kafuman Kona Cotton Solids.

Check out Alissa's fantastic wonky rectangles, surrounded by halos of quilting, which is on her blog. If you've got a few minutes, take a peek at the many fabulous quilts from the LA Guild. There's also a Flickr group of photos of other Modern Quilting Guilds challenge quilts...haven't had time to check this out yet.

And it looks as though Jacquie Gering, the modern quilter who's inspired so many, was a guest at the LA guild...lucky them! I interviewed Jacquie a year ago January for a Stitch story...I'd been reading her blog for awhile and pitched the story of her Project Improv challenge, which inspired tons of quilters to take a stab at Modern Quilting, to Stitch magazine's editor, Tricia. It's fantastic to see how modern quilting, online challenges, and an entire community of modern quilters seems to grow and grow, and to bring into the quilting fold people who previously didn't think quilting was their thing. I so enjoyed talking with Jacquie and it's wonderful to see her influence spreading...I never cease to by the designs she comes up with, along with the thoughtful commentary she presents. She's got lots of great tutorials on her site, too. Check out Tallgrass Prairie Studio if you haven't before!