I finished the top of the quilt I started a few weeks (months?) ago at Home Ec. Steff, one of the women in our quilting group used a little folded edge between her top and the border and I thought it looked so lovely I out-and-out copied it.

Of course, I didn't really think ahead about attaching it. I sewed the little strip (an inch-and-a-quarter wide, folded with right sides together) to the border and that worked out just fine for the first two sides. But then I tried the same method for the next two sides it didn't work at all. There was lots of ripping and re-sewing and cursing and gnashing of teeth—luckily the Academy Awards was on to distract me. I never did come up with an elegant solution, but it eventually worked. I ran into Steff the very next day and she told me that she'd sewn her edge to the quilt itself...Duh! A much smarter way to have done it.

Now, the trick will be to take this puppy from a top to the finished quilt stage. I'm finding I'm not a huge fan of machine quilting...I'm more piece-loving (ha!)...but I hate to pay to have a baby quilt finished, so I will likely do something simple.

Here are a few others from our group. Steff's is the one with the brown background. The other two belong to Anna and Amanda. I love how these are all so different!