Happy Birthday, Little Beanie

Today is my youngest daughter's birthday. I was lucky enough to have her here over Labor Day weekend, and since she left yesterday we gave her her presents. The one I'd like to share with you is a circular scarf I knit for her.

Rebecca, (affectionately known as Beanie or simply The Bean), has rather exacting tastes and making something she likes isn't easy. But when I saw this lovely, golden Madeline Tosh DK yarn, I knew she'd love the color. I chose to make this circular scarf, Honey Cowl, a freebie pattern also from Madeline Tosh. I started this mother in May, taking it to Italy with me. I figured it was a simple pattern and would be perfect for those times when I'd be distracted and have to put it down. Even so, I pulled out rows multiple times...not sure how this happened on such a simple, 4-row pattern. But in the end I am very happy with it, and so is Rebecca. She put it right on and even wore it home on the plane, which delighted me no end.

So Happy Birthday, Beanie—Love you lots!
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