New Year's Writing Resolution? Check!

One of the things I am striving for this coming year is to see my writing published in some new venues (while still continuing to write for the previous ones, of course). It's a bit of a cheat to say I succeeded at fulfilling this New Year's resolution, because I actually knew about this particular opportunity last fall.

Janine Van Gool, the editor and founder of UPPERCASE, contacted me in November regarding the Etsy story I'd written about Kyle Durrie and her Type Truck. Janine had taken photos of Kyle and was planning to assign a story for UPPERCASE, when she happened upon mine. With the blessing of Etsy, Janine ran the story in the magazine, illustrating it with the photos she had taken and giving it a whole new lease on life. I am thrilled to be included in a magazine that is a visual treat and has such lovely production values.

I think the cover of UPPERCASE really says it all: A magazine for the creative and curious. It features myriad quirky, talented people and their inspiring ideas (including a piece about Kathryn Clark's Foreclosure Quilts). And if there was ever a magazine with more fantastic covers, I have yet to see it. Check the back issues (and the current one) on UPPERCASE's website.