Moda designers and a giveaway

On the right-hand side of this page you can see a number of the places I'm privileged to write for. But one that's missing (and I'd better do something about that) is Moda Fabrics. For the past year-and-a-half I've worked with Lissa Alexander, Moda's Director of Marketing and one of the most talented people around. She's the big-picture thinker for Moda's advertising campaigns, Market booths, etc., etc., and a quilter extraordinaire, to boot. I've worked with Lissa to write designer profiles and copy for their Market catalogs, and I continue to write for Moda's blog The Cutting Table.

I've had the opportunity to chat with some very visual, interesting, and fun designers while doing this work. One of them is Lucie Summers, whose new line for Moda is Summersville. Before I knew she'd be designing for Moda and met her at Market, I'd admired Etsy shop, where she sells screen-printed fabrics of her own design and lovely bone china mugs (which I'd been not-so-secretly coveting). A high point of October Market (that's her picture at the top of the blog post) then, was meeting Lucie and getting my hands on one of those lovelies. I drank my tea from that mug yesterday as I wrote this piece about her, hoping to channel some Lucie spirit into the profile. Such a funny, friendly gal!

The other person I wanted to mention is Jenn Ski. Jenn lives on the East Coast and and is a fanatic about mid-century design. She is also a fanatic thrift-shopper (as is there some connection between rummage and talent?) Jenn is featuring a giveaway on her blog of fabrics from her Moda line, Ten Little Things. She's accepting entries until Monday, March 19, so get on it!

And remember to check out The Cutting Table periodically. In addition to profiles, there's lots of good information about fabrics, notions, finding time to sew, and even software and app recommendations. Well worth a visit!