Feed Sacks, redux

Feed sack crazy quilt
At the same time as the Kalona Quilt Show is Michael Zahs' feed sack show at the Ainsworth Opera House. I learned about feed sacks just last year, and they proved to be the perfect topic for an Etsy post. Mike told me that in some homes every piece of fabric was once a feed sack, and that sack manufacturers realized the value of making their sacks of decorative fabrics—it took three sacks to make a typical dress and women often encouraged their husbands to buy more feed, in order to complete a frock.

Here are a few photos from this year's show. Mike had some new purchases he was especially pleased to share, including the feed sack crazy quilt (top photo) he had hanging by the entrance. Feast your eyes on a few of the this year's offerings.

Tablecloth with feed sack appliqué, plus blocks and pieces for Grandmother's flower garden stacked in a shoe box
Dresser scarf crocheted from the strings that held feed sacks shut
Bias-tape cardinals adorn a feed sack towel—one of my favorites
Feed sack fan quilt
Examples of embroidery patterns stamped on feed sacks
Beacon feed sack circa 1948
One small part of the display
Back of a paper-pieced feed sack quilt with the paper still intact
A few of the Zahs' feed sacks
I'm off to Quilt Market in Kansas City this week and the next post or two will be from there. Looking forward to all the eye candy and an opportunity to see some of my Market buddies, to boot. Cheers!
Linzeefeed sacks