A Peek at OTHER Cool Blogs

When I'm conducting research for various articles I come across amazing blogs, websites, and projects. Much of what I research is for articles that won't appear in print for another four to six months and I can't share what I've found without scooping the magazine—a no-no. 

But I've decided that on an irregular basis I'm going to share those with you that I can (without scooping publications, of course), and include links to sites and projects that I'm intrigued and inspired by—kind of my own personal Pinterest. 

How I get to these sites is often a mystery to me—you know the way one thing leads to another and another and another on the Internet and suddenly it's 2 p.m. and the neighbor kid selling fruit to support his show choir trip knocks on your door and you've still got bedhead and are wearing 10-year-old pjs and no make-up and are sure he'll tell his mother about the crazy shut-in who bought 50 pounds of grapefruit and you'll be the talk of the neighborhood? Yes, sometimes I'm that person and sometimes that's how I find these sites. At least someone should get something useful out of my questionable neighborhood reputation, right? 

So here's a blog I came across today: Clover and Violet. First—Jenny and Clara are a mother-and-daughter team who drink coffee, sew together, and have the most perfect, matching white teeth ever. (Am I jealous? Yes.) But I'll forgive them because they share lots of fabulous tutorials and embroidery info on their blog, as well as have an Etsy shop where they sell their patterns. Although I don't have a Kindle, I was especially taken with their clever Kindle cover that uses the currently on-trend hexagon. Check them out!