Binding in Unusual Circumstances

If you check the foreground of this photo you'll see hair clips holding a strip of fabric, a sure sign that I'm binding a quilt. There's nothing so unusual about that. But if you look at the far right corner you'll note a blood pressure machine. Yup, I was binding my quilt in a hospital bed. I mentioned that I'd been ill while traveling. Once home I decided to check in with my doc, since I didn't feel quite right, and after a lot of tests, etc., I was told I'd be in the hospital for "a few" days. So I gathered up as much stuff as I could think of that needed doing and brought it along—notes to write, knitting, quilt binding. In the end, I stayed three days and the binding was the only thing that got accomplished.

Fortunately I'm now home and recouping quite well. It turns out I had a nasty infection—MRSA—and how and why I got it is a mystery to my docs. Luckily it's one that responds to IV antibiotics so I have a PICC line in place and twice daily I trot down to the basement (renamed "the clinic") to dose myself with the appropriate meds. They figure I'll require about four weeks worth of antibiotics and I just wrapped up the second week. So the end is in sight!