Oilcloth—A New Story in UPPERCASE

UPPERCASE #14 is out and I've got a story in it about oilcloth. As always, I learned a lot while researching the story.

One of my favorite factoids was that the biggest producer of oilcloth in the mid-20th century was the Columbus Coated Fabric Company in Ohio. When they went out of business, their equipment was sold to companies in Mexico, which is why when I was in Oaxaca I saw stacks and stacks of oilcloth in the markets. Some of the same copper rollers the Columbus Coated Fabric Company used for their most iconic prints—the apples and pears, for example—are still being used to print today's oilcloth. Of course there are lots of new patterns and designs, but I think a lot of what people love are the vintagey, mid-century prints.

While I'm pleased about my article in this issue, there is so much great stuff in UPPERCASE #14 (and in every issue). This time there is a lot on children's book illustrators and children's toys, and great graphics of chevrons, artists' studios, and lots more. Check it out. And in my next post, there will be an oilcloth-related giveaway. Stay tuned!