The Older, the Better

The Midwestern weather has been abominable, with temps well over 100 and no rain. It was especially bad right around the 4th of July, so we decided to head to the annual Hansen's Grove antique sale early, before it was too miserable. I shared photos of this sale a couple of years ago, and thought I'd do the same today.

I bought only a set of three Pyrex bowls in citrusy colors and Paul beefed up his collection of creamers—those miniature milk containers you used to get with your coffee in restaurants. But mostly we looked.

There were a few things I would loved to have had—the little doll family, in which the tallest was maybe 3 inches. But $60 seemed a bit much, and I constantly remind myself that I don't want to become an adult woman with a house full of dolls.

I also loved this hand-carved head, but again, the price was a bit steep.

And I absolutely loved the fabric I found on the back of an old quilt, but didn't love the quilt itself so much. We decided there is lots of pleasure to be had in just looking. Enjoy!