Quilts in Des Moines

Japanese quilt—the flowers are obi fabric
I'm getting ready to go on the road off and on for the next few weeks, so there will mostly be photos on Pearl the Squirrel. Today's are of some of the quilts I had the pleasure of seeing last week at the AQS show in Des Moines. I thought it was one of the strongest shows I've seen at this particular venue. In particular, I loved the Japanese quiltsGwen Marston's quilts, and the Tentmakers of Cairo. There were many other great quilts, as well. Here are photos of some of what I saw (apologies for the photo quality—all phone photos—as well s the poor job of getting quilter's names). More apologies—I can't get Blogger to post the photos with appropriate captions. For some reason things won't work beyond the antique quilt below. Will try again later!

Love this, and that it challenged my perceptions of Japanese quilting

Detail of the above quilt—made of kimono fabrics
An vendor's antique quilt for sale. Absolutely amazing! Originally from St. Louis area