Monica Lee's Smart Creative Women

Just a quick post to let you know about a web TV show worth watching. It's Monica Lee's Smart Creative Women. I met Monica at Quilt Market a year ago, after I'd attended her Schoolhouse session on social media marketing. It was one of the most useful sessions I'd been to and when I saw her on the Market floor I stopped to let her know.

Turns out Monica is delightful to chat with and you can see that when you watch her show—she's funny, loves to laugh, and is truly herself. I first watched the show when UPPERCASE's Janine VanGool was a guest and have since found myself regularly tuning back in. Most recently I turned on my computer, got out my knitting, and watched her two-part interview with Amy Butler. There was a lot of honesty and interesting stuff going on between Monica and Amy in those sessions. Monica's enthusiasm seems to bring out the humanity of her interviewees, even those I think of as industry icons (she gets amazing guests—I especially loved the Jenny Doh session). So check out Smart Creative Women! (I'm not getting anything for saying this—Monica doesn't know I've posted it. I just think it's a worthwhile, inspiring, and refreshing show and you might think so too.)