No Turkey Duties? Try Knitting a Snoflinga...or Four

This Thanksgiving we decided to make a quick trip to Southern California to see my folks, and my youngest daughter was able to join us. (Sadly, my eldest daughter had to work—while I often rhapsodize about the joys of having adult children, it's not always so great when they have those adult responsibilities!) Still, we managed to have a lovely time, enjoying the weather (we ate Thanksgiving dinner al fresco), the company, a few walks along the ocean, and poking about in the tide pools on Thanksgiving day.

Snoflinga in Rowan Lima
And I was a knitting maniac. Between the flight delays and flights themselves, there was lots of time sitting around. And though I was first sad when my dad said we'd go out for Thanksgiving dinner, I ended up thoroughly enjoying not doing any dishes or fretting over side dishes being done at the same time as the turkey. My dad and daughter made two pies and that was the extent of Turkey Day meal prep.

The Bean trains in pie-making with the master baker—Popsie
Below are a few photos of the weekend, including the hats. The pattern is Jenny Gordy's Snoflinga (available here). It's super fun to knit because it's easy, but not boring. There are enough elements of change (including bobbles, which I simply love) to keep it interesting. I think the hat is most effective in a simple yarn, so that the lovely details show up, but I'm a sucker for variegation. I do wish my knitting was a little more even, though. Despite knitting gauge swatches for most of the hats, they vary tremendously in size. One's too big even for my big head, and that's after popping it in the dryer for a bit. Well, at least they're not as enormous as previous knitting debacles.

Message to our missing family member
Snoflinga in Cascade Eco Duo
Sea anemone courtesy of Rebecca
Snoflinga in Malabrigo Rios
Father-daughter team catch some Thanksgiving rays
Mother-daughter team check out the tide pools
Snoflinga in Malabrigo Twist
The 'rents anticipating their Thanksgiving feast

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