Something Old and Something New

For a couple of weeks life has been slightly calmer than it was before the holidays and I've managed to sneak in a bit of sewing. I finished up a baby quilt that was more than two years in the making—once I'd gotten it bound I worried that there wasn't enough quilting on something that would inevitably get washed a lot, so I added more quilting around the borders. Then it took me a mere two weeks to actually get a label made and send it off...why do those last little pieces of the puzzle inevitably take so long?

The quilt is from a bunch of Heather Bailey fabrics, with a stripe and polka dot thrown in to keep it interesting. The back wound up being totally pieced because I didn't want to buy anything more--it's a little crazy, but I love the feeling of really using my stash to the max.

Pieced back
Then I finished piecing the quilt top I started in October at Lake Tahoe. I've still got to figure out a border for this (although I've got the start of an idea). Hanging it outside on a warm winter day (that would be a day that it got up in the 40s—warmth in Iowa in January is relative), the colors created such a stark contrast to the season's drab tones and made me very happy.

Finally, must add a link to the post I wrote for Moda about their Nancy Drew fabrics. I waxed a little rhapsodic about them, as I not only loved reading Nancy Drew, but have a personal link to the author of 23 of the first 30 books. Check out the story (and some of the fabric) here.