Stitching Through

It's been a rough time in the McCray household, as we cope with unexpected losses. They feel like a sucker punch and we're trying to figure out how to exhale again and move forward, what context death provides for the rest of our lives, and how to support the loved ones of those lost. Bottom line, both Paul and I have been rather unproductive, with lots of aimless gazing and little concentration. TV has been something of a distraction, but I'm not good at sitting and watching unless I've got something in my hands.

 So English Paper Piecing, which I got started on after Quilt Market (thanks to

this great book), has filled the void. The color has been good for these grey days and the repetitive, mindless sewing a solace. No idea what I'll do with these, but the good part of making so many is that I have a lot to fool around with when it comes time to decide. This morning there is finally some sun coming in the windows and I was moved to push the bits around and start thinking of some coherent whole.