Get Down

My latest Etsy post was a pleasure to research. Cookie Vanous and her daughter Dawn Schrog of the Czech Feather and Down Co. were so gracious with their time, despite the fact that they were trying to whip up a slew of door draft-stoppers in time for a craft fair in Cedar Rapids. (Dawn's daughter was going to sell them as a way to drum up some business.)

I learned all about stripped feathers (read more about that in the Etsy post) and got to see the piles of pillows and bedding sent by folks from all over the country for renovation. Their customers are all over the U.S. and the world and they've custom made all kinds of pillows and comforters. I especially loved that if you buy a pillow from them and after sleeping on it for awhile if you want it firmer or softer they'll add or subtract down to make it just right.

Cookie and Dawn also told me their best customers are men. They say that when couples come into the shop the wives will often say "Oh, I could make that...don't buy it, it's too expensive." And the husbands will tell Cookie and Dawn, "I'll be back." And they always are.

After my visit to Czech Feather and Down I'm planning to bring my old pillows in and perhaps combine the down for a nice, new, fluffy pillow. They do such beautiful work and are such nice people, to boot!
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