Back to My Future

I've mentioned my love of embroidery: when I was in college I covered my overalls and work shirt (a blue chambray shirt) with butterflies, flowers, cross-stitched seams, a giant tree, and more. I also made lots of patches. In early October my book group decided to have a craft weekend and I brought a dishtowel and embroidery floss and hoops for everyone, and my friend Emily drew the perfect bookgroup motif on each of our towels. And thus my love of embroidery was rekindled.

It took another month to get it finished, but on my way home from Quilt Market I started stitching. I choose blue and green (no surprise to anyone who knows me) and then added a bit of orange steam rising from the cup, just so you'd know the coffee was piping hot. I used a chain stitch for everything except filling in the coffee, primarily because it's the stitch I know best. I also wanted it to be ultra-sturdy so that it would be useful and I wouldn't worry about pulling anything out as I used the towel, which I fully intend to do.

I got so excited I went straight from the airport to Ben Franklin, where I purchased more towels. I've now got stitching firmly embroidered on the brain.

And unfortunately, if I told you what PFS stands for,  I'd have to kill you. Our book group (of 18 years!) is sworn to secrecy.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!