More Quilt Market photos, but Etsy words

Amazing applique and quilting by Autralia's Don't Look Now 
I had a post on Etsy yesterday about Quilt Market. If you're coming to Pearl the Squirrel from Etsy, there's more on Market here. If you're interested in reading more about Market on Etsy, click here.

Lucy Prior in the Kaffe Fassett booth
Dolls from the Melly and Me booth
By the way, while in NY I had the opportunity to visit the Etsy offices and meet the fabulous Storque editorial team in person. They were extremely gracious and TeenAngster put up with me wandering about with my mouth agape as she gave me the tour. (She's known me for a few years, so perhaps she wasn't surprised by my total lack of cool in the face of so much awe-inspiring, crafty hipness.)

Moda's booth with Momo and Sandy Gervais quilts
From the ceiling hung ductwork covered with green and yellow crocheted granny squares. By the front door were rooms for making phone calls decorated with all manner of Etsy-made items (people don't use their phones at their desks, so although the space is open and enormous, it's relatively quiet). A room divider of hanging balls of yarn, Dottie the speckled dachshund wandering about in her Etsy t-shirt, a ping-pong table, specially designed and stitched quilts that set off a "living room" with couches, lamps, and a coffee table (all vintage and purchased off Etsy), the craft went on and on. Thanks to Etsy for welcoming me and sharing their Eatsy lunch with me, as well.