Wow! It's 1-1-11!

Last night we had a lovely New Year's Eve dinner with our stranded daughter (in werewolf arms, at left). She was supposed to return to New York on the 26th, but as you likely have heard not too many flights made it that day. She was rescheduled for the 27th, went to the airport and was told to get on the plane to Chicago where her flight to Newark was promptly canceled. Rather than have her spend days on stand-by we brought her back home and she finally got a plane out at 7 a.m. this morning.

But back to our dinner last night.  I've never been a big fan of New Year's Eve—it often seems like a lot of forced conviviality—the last few years our bookgroup gathered and that was fun, but it didn't happen this year.

During our dinner conversation, Rebecca made the point that although New Year's celebrations can wreak of false gaiety, there is something enchanting about the idea of a clean slate and of getting to start all over. I had to agree. And to that end, I asked each of us to share some resolutions.

So here a three of my 2011 resolutions. Sometimes I think if you say them out loud you have to be a little more committed (or a little more wiling to be humiliated).

1. More exercise: Since I left my University editorial job for full time freelancing I've ceased my daily walk to work and back. It was just a bit over a mile each way, but it's quite apparent that the effect of that walk was significant. So I will be exercising more, whether it's on my treadmill in my basement (ick) or at a gym (ick to the time it takes to get there).

2. Sort writing priorities. This freelance life offers some challenges, trying to fit in various ongoing  projects while looking for more. I've got the potential for a couple of big ones on the horizon...the challenge will be figuring out what's worth doing and what's not.

3. Finding time to sew. I've had very few hours in my sewing room this fall and early winter. I miss it and I'm ready to return. First though, a little clean-up is required so that I can actually find my cutting table and sewing machine...they're both piled high with fabric, patterns, and magazines.

Okay, those are three of my big about you? Willing to share any in this semi-public forum?

Happy New Year!
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